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Acrylic on Canvas

Between 1973 and 1978 the British Interplanetary Society conducted a study called Project Daedalus to design a plausible interstellar unmanned spacecraft. This painting was inspired by their ideas.

Starship Daedalus is pictured here as it launches toward the stars from its construction site in orbit around the Jovian moon Callisto.

I attempted to draw this thing using my meager understanding of perspective, just as Chesley Bonestell would have. Alas, I ended up building a model from a lamp shade, styrofoam balls, tooth picks, and a plastic orange juice container. The end result isn't bad, but it doesn't have the dramatic foreshortening I was after.

Daedalus was featured in the book Visions of Space edited by David Hardy, published in 1989. I think it was also used on the cover of “Science Fiction Chronicle” edited by Andrew I. Porter, but I'm not sure.

Deadalus Image

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