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Father Squid
  Father Squid Image

Rendered in Photoshop

Back in the 1980s George R. R. Martin instigated a series of books titled Wild Cards. In these "mosaic novels" each story or chapter was written by a different author. Here's the premise: An alien virus strikes the Earth just after WW II endowing some victims, the Aces, with superhuman powers. The Jokers, however, were cursed with strange mental or physical disfigurements. It sounds a little silly, and yet there were some really good stories there. Father Squid, a Joker, was a minor character to be sure, but a rather tragic figure, and photogenic enough to capture my imagination.

Have you ever noticed how when you frist step outside on a hot summer morning in the city the air smells like burnt rubber? No? You mean it's just me?

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