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Sparrow’s Dilemma
  Sparrow's Dilemma Image

Rendered in Photoshop

This was inspired by Frank M. Robinson's novel The Dark Beyond the Stars. Someone has sabotaged Sparrow's tether and now he's in deep doo doo. The "dark" in the title refers to the region of relative starlessness beyond the local spiral arm of the galaxy. The ship in the distance has been on a multi-generational mission to seek out life. The immortal captain is determined to take the ship into the next spiral arm which will take several generations more. Yet the ship is old, and probably won't endure. Only one of the ship's three modules is still habitable. A gulf of blackness yawns beyond a starry ribbon of light. It's a richly textured novel. I've read it four times.

     The original painting was done in acrylics, but I never liked the way I rendered the sky. Later on I recreated it in Photoshop using the original only as a quide. Despite its flaws I like this picture for its feeling of vast loneliness. Click HERE for a detail.


If I were a lemming I'd jump off a cliff too.

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