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Buddha on the Rocks
  Buddha on the Rocks

Art Markers Digitally Enhanced

This is what you might call a hybrid image. It began as an idle doodle using art markers on paper. Since I'm no expert with markers, it was pretty rough. Later on I scanned it and worked it over in Photoshop, smoothing things out quite a bit.

The little guy there doesn't really portray the Buddha, of course. He represents me, actually, in a subdued mood contemplating my navel and the wonders of the universe contained therein. As in The Lotus and the Serpent I was thinking of the way the serpent sheltered the Buddha as he strove to achieve enlightenment.



I recently pulled into the parking lot of a doctor's office and saw a sign that said, "Patient Parking Only." There were no parking spaces for impatient people so I had to leave.

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