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Galactic Dreams 2

Galactic Dreams 2 Image

Rendered in Photoshop

Alas, the figure in this picture isn't Jodie Foster either. She's much too busy being famous to model for the likes of me.

One of the things I love about painting digitally is that it allows me to change my mind. When painting with acrylics, once the drawing was on the canvas and paint was applied I was more or less committed to the idea. But with Photoshop it is easy to change things around, and so the idea can evolve as you work. This image was like that, one idea leading to another until the final product was very different from what I started with.

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This is Jodie Foster with a fiend behind her.


This is Jodie Foster about to get flushed down a worm hole. I've been flushed myself but, alas, never down a worm hole. It looked like fun.


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